Shop With Cat is a Personal Shopping & Styling Service, with a mission to help women look impeccable and feel confident to take over the world!

What is A Personal Shopper? A Personal Shopper is your very own Styling consultant when you need guidance on your personal appearance for all occasions and lifestyle. The Personal Shopper will edit your closet and take you on a personal shopping trip, to educate you on the art of shopping and Styling that will be suitable for your personal style. 

A Personal Shopper is also your time-saving best friend, your very own Fashion Concierge. They will shop for you when you do not have the time, or simply would like to spend your time with your loved ones.

Catherine Calderon, Founder of Shop With Cat

Catherine Calderon (Cathy), founder of Shop With Cat, makes shopping fun, enjoyable, and stress-free. With 12 years in the Fashion Retail industry, Cathy is dedicated to helping you find the most stylish wardrobe for your lifestyle.

Cathy pursued an education in Fashion Studies where her studies brought her to places such as Florence, Italy and Seoul, South Korea, ultimately receiving a BA in Fashion Studies from Montclair State University. Post baccalaureate, she worked in Retail Management serving the tristate area, most prominently, Manhattan, under various big name retailers in apparel, footwear, and accessories. Encompassing the respective fashion categories in her experience, she has learned what complements a body type, what size works best, and which accessories are worth investing in. 

A career in Fashion was always the route Cathy wanted to take; always preferring a more hands on approach to sitting behind a desk. Given her education, experience, and passion for fashion, Cathy was inspired to start Shop With Cat; offering a range of Personal Shopping services (for the individual or business) to meet your needs, in style, in time, and in budget.

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